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              Anshan prosperous compressor Co., LTD. (the original factory) is located in anshan compressed air in liaoning province saddle heavy industry base, is specialized in the production of the oil compressor manufacturers, is a national issue of production license for industrial products, the production license Numbers for unit XK06 - and - 00045 norm-setting passed ISO9001

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              Henan Anyang pharmaceutical VIII
              Yimin pharmaceutical factory in Nanyang, Henan
              Instrument Co Ltd. Xian-hui to
              Anlong Shanxi Heavy Industries Co Ltd.
              Zhejiang lierde Relay Co Ltd.
              Ink Chemical Co Ltd. Guangdong Wanfeng
          Shenzhen City Industrial Co Ltd billion Ch
           contact:Manager Shen
          Anshan prosperous compressor Co. LTD
          phone:18841216166    fax:18841216166    web-count